AngularJS Development Company in USA

AngularJS Development

At E-Techno Solution having conveyed a number of mobile and web apps that are highly protected, healthy, easy to maintain and extensible with various of additional landscapes. In the work conveyed by us, we aim to simplify both development as well as testing of applications offering a framework for Client side model View Controller (MVC) architecture.

AngularJS is a standard JavaScript User Interface (UI) framework by Google for developing web applications as well as mobile apps. AngularJS best suits front-end development and single page applications. With AngularJS web application framework we develop dynamic web applications. We help our clients to get into the marketplace quicker and in an easy way with AngularJS. You get scalable Angular JS web applications with great feature that serve the complex requirement of business of diverse verticals.

We at E-Techno Solution provide interactive applications with full stack JavaScript technologies. With expertise and experience in AngularJS, Andolasoft standsas one of the best AngularJS Development Company.

 Few basic building blocks on which AngularJS works:

  • Guidelines to extend HTML attributes
  • Directives to accumulate data into HTML
  • Error and event handling
  • Unit testing
  • Routing and binding
  • Controllers and HTML rendering
  • MVC Split
  • Testing Components